CrossFit: Not Your Typical Workout


CrossFit is appropriate for everyone, regardless of your fitness level, because you can always modify the exercise according to your ability.

Here are a few things that make CrossFit different from your typical workout.

Community vs. Individual

Finding a reason to become motivated to go and workout is easy when you know all your friends will be there. One draw (if not the biggest) to CrossFit is its sense of community. Although every CrossFit affiliate has a unique community to their “box” (CrossFit location), you’re likely to find each one of them very welcoming and filled with friends to help keep you accountable. You’ll feel like you belong.

Variety vs. Routine

Ever get bored, unenthusiastic or feel like you’ve hit a plateau with the same weekly workout routine? CrossFit will help break through those feelings with constantly varied workouts that incorporate all facets of fitness. From weightlifting, powerlifting, Olympic lifting, gymnastics, calisthenics, and cardiovascular endurance (running, biking, rowing, and even swimming, in some cases), CrossFit has it all. These fitness elements are combined into a fun, safe and competitive workout program.

Performance vs. Aesthetics

Performance is the name of the game when it comes to CrossFit. CrossFit’s unique programming is geared toward improving or increasing one’s ability to perform the 10 general physical preparedness skills. These skills include: cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, speed, power, agility, coordination, flexibility, accuracy, and balance. Although the primary focus is not aesthetics, CrossFit will naturally enhance your body’s physique in order to perform the 10 general physical preparedness skills at a high level. For example: lifting weights to develop strength and power requires the body to increase lean mass. improving your cardiovascular endurance to run longer distances requires the body to shed unwanted body weight in order to move more efficiently.

Functional Movement vs. Isolated Movement

Do you find yourself sitting on yet another weight machine doing rep after rep until your muscles burn thinking, “How in the world does this movement improve my quality of life?” Wouldn’t you rather improve your ability to run around, play, hike and participate in all these activities you once thought were long past? Developing functional movements and improving the body’s ability to perform everyday activities is a core objective of the CrossFit training methodology.

So what are you waiting for? Ready to have some fun? Come and give CrossFit a try!


Originally from PRO Pulse May-June 2016
By Doug Wheeler

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