The resolution to change my life came during an annual physical in 2009 when my weight reached 265 pounds. I’d had surgery to remove a gallbladder a few years prior to this and was on medication for high blood pressure, which runs in my family. But it wasn’t until I learned that I’d also need medication to address my rising cholesterol levels that it finally sunk in. I had to take steps to change my lifestyle.

Although I’d continue to participate in sports that I enjoyed such as skiing, scuba diving, tennis, and golf, my overall level of daily physical activity had dropped. In addition to this, with our hectic schedules, my wife and I had started eating out more often. And when we cooked at home, we did so without much concern about portion control or the types of foods we prepared.

I started to lose a little weight as I began to watch my diet, but I wasn’t doing anything in a sustainable fashion. I wanted a more comprehensive approach to change on a more permanent basis. 20/20 LifeStyles seemed to be the perfect solution. I was mentally prepared to take the steps necessary to alter my lifestyle.

After attending the introductory seminar, I became excited about the prospect of gaining awareness of my food choices and working hard to get myself physically fit and address the medical warning signs I was experiencing. I never viewed the program as a “diet.” Therefore, I never felt that I was depriving myself anything I would miss.

As I progressed, the positive feedback I got from friends, family, and my doctor, as well as the general improvement in how I felt were huge motivators to maintaining my progress. I finally made exercise a priority by scheduling time with my 20/20 personal trainer that was non-negotiable. Along with a Saturday morning workout, I’ve continued to maintain that schedule. I typically exercise 5-6 days a week, keeping the workouts varied to prevent boredom and injuries.

I’m happy to report that I’ve eliminated the cholesterol-lowering medication and reduced my blood pressure medication by half. My new lifestyle includes a passion for grocery shopping and cooking. Our whole family has benefited as a result.

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