“I am now training to see what is possible for me. Goals that would have been absurd just 10 months ago are now absolutely possible. I find myself using challenging new words like triathlon, Mount McKinley, and others as I think of my long-term personal goals, who I am, and all the possibilities before me.”

Over the years, I’d tried many types of dieting and each helped me lose weight, followed by regaining it all back and more. A couple of workmates had been very successful with the 20/20 LifeStyles Program, so I decided to attend the introductory seminar. I learned that my weight was almost a side effect to my more challenging medical issues and was a ready to sign up that evening.

I loved the whole program. The key to my success was a combination of my attitude and my team. My 20/20 physician remains my number one fan and has been absolutely supportive all through the process. My personal trainer somehow knew me better than I knew myself. I started feeling the effects of the program right away. Each week, he would bring something new to the training sessions, and I learned to allow him to lead me and to give all of my effort to the conditioning. My 20/20 dietitian helped me understand my nutrition goals and how to work through issues in especially difficult weeks. The personal accountability was a large portion of my program and the results I created each week. By the time I finished my program, the results were huge. My blood pressure cholesterol, and blood sugar were all within the normal range and I was feeling great (not to mention those before and after photos – wow)! More times than I can remember, I would say “hi” to a teammate whom I hadn’t seen in a few months and he wouldn’t know who I was. That form of surprised recognition was probably my favorite part of the program.

I’m doing things I didn’t even dream of a year ago! I keep looking for new things to do, kind of like taking my new body out for a spin. I have a run four 5K’s (and had a respectable time in my last one). At the same time, I began hiking the local I-90 Corridor Mountains, starting with Little Si and Mount Si. Since then, I’ve set my goals higher and successfully summited Mount Rainier 9 ½ months from my start in the 20/20 LifeStyles program. I am grateful to my personal trainer and dietitian for all their support and to all of my colleagues and my family for providing the moral support and, at times, their critical concern for me. I am fortunate to have an opportunity to be more, do more, and enjoy more of every day.

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