Kyle & Debra


As we approach retirement and our next life chapter, we wanted to improve our health so we can continue doing the things we love—being active, spending quality time with family (especially grandchildren!) and traveling.

About 15 years ago, our daughter participated in the 20/20 Kids Program. As parents, we attended all the meetings and workouts and meal tracked right along with her. We learned a lot about nutrition at that time, and we continued to implement many of the things we learned. Fast forward to 2021 during the pandemic. As our weight slowly crept up, we both decided we needed to be serious about losing weight and getting healthy or we’d have some serious health consequences before too long. We pulled out the book our daughter had received—“20/20 LifeStyles Metabolic Cure” —and watched the videos on the 20/20 LifeStyles website. We started meal tracking and following the program’s nutrition Stages 1 and 2. We were highly successful in our weight loss the first month, but we wanted help fine-tuning our health process, so we contacted 20/20 LifeStyles Program.

Our experience with 20/20 LifeStyles has been incredible. We loved working one-on-one with all the experts. Working so closely with our personal trainers and our dietitian was probably the most valuable part for us. It helped us adapt our nutrition and greatly improve our fitness. We enjoyed learning healthy, new recipes like “curry chicken with vegetables”– and are also experimenting with smoking lean meats and using new spices. It’s become a fun, new hobby!

We got access to a lot of incredible tools as part of 20/20. The overview videos from (20/20 founder) Dr. Dedomenico were great. They helped explain the basic science around weight management. We also really appreciated the nutrition videos for each stage. Another aspect of the program is getting a genetic blueprint. We learned about things that may affect us and how to deal with it—like how a susceptibility to cognitive decline/depressive disorder can be mitigated with an increased intake of fatty acids. For our bodies specifically, we learned that we weren’t as genetically affected by eating carbs as we’d always thought. 

As empty-nesters, we had the benefit of doing the program together (which we HIGHLY recommend). Other tips we’d offer include: (1) Be totally consistent with meal tracking – every food, every day!! (2) Be completely committed to the program and follow all the guidance (3) Increase movement and activity (4) Always make sure you’re prepared with healthy snacks as you go about your day, so that you don’t go too long without eating. 

The biggest benefit of 20/20 LifeStyles has been in how we feel and the improvements in our bodies. We’ve each lost over 50 pounds and are down several clothing sizes. It’s made a huge difference in simple things like going on a hike and climbing stairs without being out of breath. Also, the improvement in our lab results has been wonderful. Neither of us is pre-diabetic anymore; we’ve lowered our cholesterol, and we both have great blood pressure. We’ve also loved watching our body fat percentage going down with periodic DEXA scans.   

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