Kim has lost 65 pounds on the 20/20 program and has kept it off for four years.   She is also a proud mother of 3 and a half year old twins.   Kim’s story began with a difficult childhood.  She quickly realized that food was a friend that would comfort her when she was down.  As a result she was overweight for most of her life, but discovered that if she ran she could keep her weight in control.  However, in her early 30s she developed arthritis in her foot and had to stop running. Kim began to gain weight and was in denial for over 10 years. One of her daughters was diagnosed with a disease that would require a transplant and cause lifelong health issues.  The doctor was clear; that her daughter could not afford to be overweight and her health issues would limit many of her choices in life.   It was at this point that Kim knew that she could no longer afford to ignore her growing weight issue.  She was role modeling something that would hurt her daughter, and she already had enough challenges ahead of her. Kim joined the 20/20 program and lost 65 pounds and learned many healthy food and exercise choices for her and her family.

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