Kevin B.

Originally from North Carolina, Kevin’s passion for fitness began in childhood when his older brother trained him using 8 lb. dumbbells while Rocky music played in the background. After a battle with obesity and hypertension through his teenage years, Kevin made a lifestyle change and lost 53 lbs. his senior year of high school. He then pursued a degree in exercise and sport science and has worked in the fitness industry for more than a decade. He believes fitness is a lifelong journey while understanding what it’s like to experience fluctuations on the scale, rehab numerous injuries and most recently build back a routine. His training style promotes a “we” mentality and allows for fluidity, molding programs to goals like weight loss, muscle gain, sports performance and conditioning. Most importantly, Kevin is driven by his obsession to help you be the best version of yourself; whether it be mental, physical, or emotional. In his free time he enjoys seeking new adventures, hanging out with his cat, and wearing shoes (just look at his feet when you meet).

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