Kids Benefit From Fitness, too!


Studies have shown that strength and cardiovascular training is not only suitable and safe for children, but it may also enhance sports performance and social skills. PRO Personal trainers agree that a structured youth fitness program is a great way to develop fitness without harming hormonal growth. Other beneficial outcomes include increased resistance to injury, […]

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Reshape Your Body Through Pilates


It’s common to ask yourself, “How do they do it?” when seeing renowned women flaunting their incredible figures on the red carpet. These celebrities’ fitness routines are carefully thought out and strictly followed in order to shape their body for a night of constant camera-close-ups. So how do they do it?! Incredible bodies like those […]

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Exercise is a Family Affair


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost one third of adults and almost 20% of children in the U.S. are obese, and the numbers continue to ride.   We tend to blame fast food, video games, and cancelled physical education classes for causing this condition. While they may all play a part, […]

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The Top 10 Items for Your Workout


Music Music helps you go the distance… literally. A study published in the European Journal of Sport Science shows that participants listening to music traveled further while cycling and ha a more positive attitude toward their riding experience post-exercise. Shoes A good pair of athletic shoes is a must. Poorly made or poor fitting shoes […]

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7 Workout Mistakes


Spot reduction There is no such thing as “spot reduction.” The best way to lose those love-handles or other areas? Focus on total body weight loss and firming the muscles. Not monitoring your heart rate If you follow the heart rate recommendations on the cardio machines, you may be doing yourself a disservice. A heart […]

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