My Best 10: Cathy’s Story

The My Best 10 program was a perfect fit. It was completely tailored to meet my needs from end-to-end. The holistic approach gave me all the tools I needed to take care of myself from exercise and nutrition to Spa treatments, hair and skincare products, and everything in-between. The whole package had that fun element to it that, as a woman, I couldn’t resist!

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DOs & DON’Ts of Pedicures


DON’T Don’t shave your legs before your appointment. Shaving creates small cuts on your legs that may allow bacteria to enter your body. DO Do be sure to note that the tools or instruments being used are either sterilized or fresh out of an autoclave pouch or disposable. Why? Because bacteria and fungus can move […]

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Tips to Look Younger


Aging is inevitable, but looking aged is not! You can look age-appropriate, but still fresh and vibrant with some beauty and lifestyle tips in order to look younger. Here are some ways to keep the noticeable signs of aging at bay without truing to surgery. SKIN Smooth it out A good at-home skincare regimen is […]

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Travel in Spa Style


Whether vacation or business trip, make your journey more comfortable and relaxing with these travel tips from the experts at The Spa. BEFORE YOU TAKE OFF Keep hydrated. Limit the amount of salt and alcohol consumed the day before and the day of travel but drink plenty of water. Herbal teas such as ginger and […]

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How NOT to Look Old


EYES You don’t need to follow the trends in makeup to stay hip. Say no to heavy eyeliner, glittery, too matte or too bright eye shadows, clumpy mascara and single ledges of false eyelashes. Heavy makeup magnifies imperfections. Keep your make up palate simple with flattering shades of beige, brow, khaki or gray. For longer […]

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