A Self Assessment of Your Feet

Every drugstore has its aisle of “do-it-yourself” medical fixes. For your feet, you’ll find blister and corn pads, insoles, fungus sprays, and more. When you have a foot and ankle concern, how do you know when to treat it yourself or when to see a podiatrist?  • Blisters on your feet can often be handled […]

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5 Steps to Start Swimming

It’s never too late to learn how to swim. While we highly recommend taking a few swimming lessons, here are 5 simple steps you can take on your own to get started.   BREATHE Without breathing, even perfect technique won’t go far. Start by going beneath the water and exhaling completely. When you surface, take […]

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The Power of Meal Prep


Envision for a moment the road to good health as a battlefield. Below are the weapons you can use to fight off even the most tempting perpetrators (Think birthday parties, holidays, and the ice cream in your freezer. Prepare Food in Advance Do you find yourself pressed for time during the busy work week? Designate […]

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Sporty Skin Secrets for Him and Her


You work hard to keep your body in shape, but how about your skin? Before heading outdoors for some adventures, keep your skin healthy and protected while still having a blast. FOR HER SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic® Protect against free radicals while correcting existing damage and accelerating cellular turnover. TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer + SPF 20 […]

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What to Eat Before and After Your Workout


Confused about what and when to eat fits into your regular exercise plan? Here are the basis of fueling your workout. WHY EAT Before Exercise Research has shown that eating something before exercise is better than nothing at all • It will enhance stamina and endurance • It will provide carbs to refuel your muscles, […]

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Food to Fuel Your Systems


Health and wellness are not just about diet and exercise. They encompass many different aspects including our physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. It’s important to achieve a balanced state so that when stress or health issues arise, we’re better prepared to deal with them. The BRAIN There are some foods that actually resemble the […]

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