An Easy Way to Determine Body Fat, Muscle Mass, Hydration Levels, and More

Have you ever been curious what your body fat percentage is? Interested in knowing how much muscle you have? Curious to see how your body has improved with a new exercise program you’ve been trying out? Intrigued to find out how hydrated your body is? The SECA scan is a safe, non-invasive measurement of body composition that could be the key in understanding your health and is available in the Performance Lab at PRO Medical.

The SECA uses bioelectrical impedance (fancy word for low-level electrical current). This can shed some light on many aspects of body composition. These include the weight and distribution muscle, bone, and fat, your body fat percentage, how many calories you burn per day, how you compare to your peers, if you accumulate fat around your organs, and hydration levels. Unlike other less comfortable forms of testing, the SECA gathers all these metrics by simply having a participant stand on a platform for two minutes.

The data compiled from a SECA scan can help an individual set more intentional goals by illustrating which areas of the body may need improvement as well as areas that are already optimal for health. We encourage you to check in on your progress every four to six weeks after starting a new routine. The human body has an amazing ability to adapt to changes – whether it be to nutrition, hydrating, lifting weights, or adding some higher impact activities. With a 98% accuracy rating, SECA may be your affordable way to stay motivated. If you are interested in completing your first SECA scan, please contact us by phone at (425)861-6258 or email at

Written by: Kristen Szogas, Performance Center Metabolic Specialist at PRO Medical and Personal Trainer at PRO Club.

Kristen has a passion for building a positive, holistic, and life-long relationship between individuals and exercise in a safe, effective manner. After graduating from San Jose State University with an Athletic Training degree with minor in Nutrition, her experiences in physical therapy clinics, athletic training offices, and corporate gym settings offer extensive knowledge and problem-solving abilities for most populations. She believes that everything begins with a healthy mind, and exercise is the key to a happier, more fulfilled life. Outside of work, Kristen enjoys backpacking, trail running, volleyball, and mind/body exercise.

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