Prepare For Healthier Holidays

Many of us are looking forward to the New Year’s celebrations to mark a fresh start and new beginning with the year 2021. Here are 3 easy ways to make the remaining months of 2020, which still have a few major holidays mixed in, feel more balanced and healthier than ever before:


Keep a designated drawer, cupboard or freezer space for sweets or other potentially triggering foods. This creates a pause between when the impulse to have them arises and can help allow you to establish a more mindful pattern when you choose to consume them.


Plan a strategy for special events and occasions, keep emergency go-to snacks on-hand for outings and truly enjoy the celebration foods you have when you choose them. Think about your ‘value proposition’ for each experience: if it’s something you truly love plan to have it joyously then resume your normal routine. If it is not your favorite, consider skipping or making modifications.


A 10-minute walk with loved ones (or solo) after a celebratory meal can significantly reduce blood sugar levels. It can also help to decrease any lingering cravings and potentially lower stress. During a time of year when food can feel overwhelming, being active is a great way to stay in touch with your health goals.

Written by: Erika DeRooy, Registered Dietitian at PRO Medical

Erika works with clients in both the 20/20 LifeStyles program and general members. She enjoys helping her clients understand how healthier eating relates to a more balanced lifestyle. She specializes in a realistic and sustainable approach to meal plan changes. Her interests include emotional eating, sports nutrition and metabolic disorders among others. Erika has worked in long-term care, clinical, food service, and community settings.

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