Lessons from Quarantine: Nichole Arthur

With a sudden change of routines and normalcy, quarantine has allowed many of us to take time to reflect. We wanted to take a moment and check in with PRO cast members to see what they have learned during their time in quarantine.

Through this series, we will interview different cast members at PRO. Stay with us each week as we learn what they have been up to and what they have learned through the quarantine period.

Nichole Arthur is a Group Fitness Instructor here at PRO Club.

Nichole has always been passionate about athletics and helping others reach their fitness goals. She believes that no matter what the starting point, everyone has the ability to become the person that they desire, both physically and mentally. Group fitness provides an atmosphere of camaraderie and competitiveness that helps individuals work harder than if they were to work out alone, and her goal is to have you push pass previous boundaries. When you leave class, you’ll feel exhausted and empowered.

What are you going to change about yourself going forward?

The main thing I’m going to change about my life after quarantine is the amount of stress I allow into it. We’ve all learned many lessons over the last few months. Lessons about life, lessons about ourselves, lessons about how we react to things, how we cope. And one thing which has stood out to me is that I tend to over commit to doing things which creates stress.  I am going to take more time for myself, setting personal goals, and spend more time with the kids. Which will probably involve home schooling them a few days this next school year.

What you miss most?

I miss my parents who have been isolated since this started.

What is the first thing you will do when you don’t have to physical distance?

Have my parents and sisters over for all the birthday celebrations we have missed. 

Stress is at an all-time high right now, so how do each of you reduce stress? 

Taking walks with my dog.

How do you keep the kids motivated during this time?

We have enjoyed watching Ted Talks on YouTube (the Top 20 Ted Talks of all time is super good), doing puzzles, bike riding, art and crafts, sidewalk chalk, and walks in Bridle Trails.

Stay tuned for more Lessons from Quarantine with PRO cast members in the coming weeks.

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