Desk Posture 101

Feeling aches and pains from your new work-from-home desk arrangement? PRO Medical’s Physical Therapy team has a few suggestions to make your work day less stressful on your body.

Seat Height

Low back pain? It could be caused because of the height of your chair. By simply adjusting your legs to create a 90 degree angle, you can help take pressure off your lower back.

  • Have knees at 90 degree angle by bringing feet forward.
  • Adjust the height of your chair to help create the 90 degree angle from your hips to ankles.

Curve of Spine

Next check the top of your spine. Are you slightly curved forward? Adjust your self to “sit your spine up”.

Fill in space between your back and chair with a small pillow or folded blanket. If your chair allows, you can also adjust the back rest to fill in that space.

Neck and Shoulders

After adjusting the top curve of your spine, you will notice your shoulders pulling slightly back. This is good! This will help releave pressure from your neck and shoulders.

Similar to your leg placement, you will want to create 90 degree angles with your shoulders and elbows. If your chair allows, adjust the arm rests to where your shoulders aren’t being stressed up or down.

Keyboard and mouse placement can also affect your shoulders and neck. Keep the 90 degree rule in mind to find a proper placement.

You’ll want to have your monitor placed at eye level. This will help take stress off your neck.

Seeking more relief? Come in for an appointment with PRO Medical’s Physical Therapy department where they can personalize a treatment plan just for you.

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