The Registered Dietitians I’m Following to Get Through Quarantine

By Niki Holt RD,CD Registered Dietitian at PRO Medical

When in social isolation it’s only natural that we turn to our online social network for a sense of community. When it comes to nutrition advice, some accounts are more worthy of your time than others. Here is a list of Registered Dietitians (RD) to follow on Instagram to get you through quarantine with a new found excitement for delicious recipes, beautiful food pics, and digestible nutrition tips. And if that isn’t enough to keep you occupied, these RDs have beautiful blogs as well!


Dr. Rachel Paul, Phd, RD is a dietitian who helps students and professionals learn how to eat healthfully through cooking on their own, and making good food choices in social situations. She is known for her practical advice and easy-to-follow guidance which is evidenced in her nutrition tips a easy to follow recipes.

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Why I Love @Collegenutritionist:

  • Simple recipes and meal plans
  • Trader Joe’s dinner hacks
  • Cooking 101 tips
  • Easy portion guides

Follow @collegenutritionist here.


McKel Kooienga is a Dietitian with a mission to guide others to understand their relationship with food. She is well versed in the science of nutrition and combines this knowledge with our mental, emotional, spiritual parts to provide a more mindful approach to eating.

Why I love @Nutritionstripped:

  • Deconstructed easy recipes
  • Mindful eating tips
  • Journal exercises
  • Covid Support posts

Follow @nutritionstripped here.


Kara Lydon, RD who goes by ‘The Foodie RD’ on her blog, believes food shouldn’t cause you shame or guilt. Her Instagram and blog are full of body positive messages and reasons to ditch fad diets. Kara herself is open about her struggle with an eating disorder and how she healed her relationship with food through Intuitive Eating.

Why I love @karalydonrd

  • Non-diet dietitian
  • Intuitive Eating focused
  • Body positive posts
  • Recipes and meal plan ideas

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Jessica & Stacie are two light hearted Registered Dietitians with an emphasis on whole foods. They enjoy catering to people with gluten and dairy sensitivities. They are all about creating simple meals even when you are short on pantry items.

Why I love @Therealfoodrds

  • Meal prep ideas
  • Easy Recipes
  • Grocery Lists
  • Whole food approach

Follow @Therealfoodrds here.

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