Intuitive Eating Tips from a Registered Dietitian

By Niki Holt, RD, CD, PRO Medical Registered Dietitian

The state of the world may have you feeling a variety of different emotions. If you find yourself turning to food for comfort from time to time you are not alone. Below are a few tips to help you practice intuitive eating which will help you feel confident in your ability to nourish your body appropriately.

1. Pay attention to how your emotions are affecting your hunger levels and food choices

Feeling emotions such as stress and anxiety can cause one to turn to food for comfort. When you sit down to eat your meals or snacks, check in with your hunger level and emotions. This will give you an understanding of if how you are feeling is are affecting your food choices and portion sizes. An easy way to be more mindful of your emotions in relation to food is to remove distractions such as the TV which can distract from the meal in front of you and decrease overall awareness of what your body needs. As you practice mindful eating, journal how you are feeling physically and emotionally to gain insight into your food and mood patterns.

2. Choose foods that are satisfying

The word “satisfying” can refer to both how the food makes you feel physically and emotionally. Think of what types of foods are going to keep you satiated between meals and snacks. When you are hungry it can heighten feelings of anxiety and stress. In addition to satiety, think about if you like the flavor, texture, and smell of the foods you are putting in your body. All food fits in a healthy diet!

3. Break up the day with movement

If you are working from home, eating can become a fall back to decrease monotony and increase the reward sensations associated with food. Instead of turning to food, consider movement to stimulate your endorphins. Some ideas include getting outside for a walk, participating in exercise through online streaming like a PRO Club Facebook Live class or one from the PRO Club YouTube, dancing to your favorite music, or playing with an animal friend. Whatever it is, mix it up and enjoy yourself to create a sustainable healthy habit.

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