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The health and welfare of our members is of paramount importance. We go the extra mile to ensure our members enjoy the absolute highest degree of cleanliness whether it be in the gym, in the pool, or in the childcare centers.

President Dick Knight

At PRO Club, you and your family’s good health matters to us, in every way.

After conducting a trial of a state-of-the-art disinfection technology called airPHX®, we are extremely proud of the results. We’ve always been truly committed to your health and well-being. And as part of that commitment, we committed to installing airPHX® units in all of our clubs.

Why airPHX®? This new technology helps maintain hospital-grade
levels of cleanliness – in the air and on surfaces. And when the clean air circulates through our HVAC systems, the benefits spread throughout the entire building disinfecting equipment, turf, rubber, foam, and tile.

airPHX® Eliminates

• Odors
• Influenza
• MRSA and Staph
• Athlete’s foot
• Norovirus
• Over 30 common bacteria and viruses, along with the odors they cause

Plus, airPHX® is chemical-free and 100 percent organic.

Our Additional Dedication to Cleanliness

Robotic Sanitation Technology

PRO Club also uses a UV disinfection robot (AKA The Germinator) to sanitize some areas of the club.

Meticulous Attention

We work around the clock to monitor the club’s cleanliness. Each exercise station has its own clean towels and spray cleaner, and clean towels are constantly refreshed.

Spotless White Equipment

All of our equipment is pristine white so you can see how squeaky-clean everything is.

UV-Purified Pools

Extensive filtration keeps our four pools incomparably clean, clear and healthy using a sand filtration system, followed by cloth filters and finally a UV light system to eliminate all bacteria and viruses.

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