Mastering Intuitive Eating During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a difficult time of the year for those who struggle with temptation. Family gatherings, work parties, and holiday activities are often centered on food and impressing others.

However, the holidays can be an opportunity to stand up to your eating habits as you practice intuitive eating skills.  

Being an intuitive eater doesn’t mean you are perfect. Sometimes it means that you give yourself permission to eat simply because the dish tastes good. It can also mean taking a break from the festivities because you’re overwhelmed and need a minute to yourself. Whatever it may be, have faith in your intuitive eating skills and use these skills to approach any holiday festivity with confidence. 

As an intuitive eater you know:

  • If you restrict your intake throughout the day to compensate for a dinner party, you’re most likely going to be overly hungry at the party and eat until uncomfortably full.
  • If you eat past fullness do not panic. The feeling of fullness will likely pass in less than a half hour. In the meantime, you can distract yourself with a conversation with friends or a walk.
  • It’s your right to honor your fullness and say “no, thank you” to seconds or dessert.
  • If you want seconds you’re free to eat them without feeling guilt, judgment, or the need to compensate with exercise or restrictions.
  • All foods fit in a healthy diet, including stuffing and pie!
  • You are the expert on your body. Nobody can feel hunger and fullness for you.
  • Stay away from the scale and avoid comparing yourself to others. Each body is unique and has unique needs.

Written by Niki Holt, RD, CDPRO Medical Dietitian

Niki specializes in intuitive eating and the treatment of all eating disorders. Her nutritional counseling is highly empathetic with an understanding that disordered eating is linked to a greater psychological root. Her passion lies in empowering her clients find satisfaction in all foods, leading to a regained trust and love of their body.

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