It’s Time to Refresh Your Ride


It’s a fact. Your surroundings can affect the way you think and feel.

Beautiful surroundings make you more focused, relaxed and even happier.

With the change of the seasons, it might just be time to refresh your ride and get your car ready for sunnier days. Here’s why.

Wash off the winter coat
Getting a thorough exterior wash and wax will ensure that your car is free of any salt or dirt that might have built up from winter, plus give it a protective new coat. Not only will your car look better, but it will also extend its paint life.
Recommended Service: Hand Wash & Vacuum

Improve your visibility
Streaks and film on your windshield and windows can potentially impair your vision, especially if the sun’s glare catches any marks. Dirt on your headlights, taillights or turn signals can also be dangerous if you can’t signal your intentions to other drivers or pedestrians.
Recommended Service: Headlight Restoration

Clean out the muck
Winter boots, food crumbs, water bottles, pets … they all add up to a mess inside. Freshen up the carpets, upholstery, dashboard and car mats. Remove stubborn stains and make your journey a little more pleasant for you and your family.
Recommended Service: Carpet, Mat, & Cloth Seat Shampoo

Get rid of winter germs
Car interiors make a perfect petri dish for all sorts of bugs and bacteria. Keep your interior clean to keep you and your family healthier.
Recommended Service: Premium Interior

You’ll just feel better
Period. The last thing you need when you get caught in rush hour traffic or during a date night out is to be surrounded by dirt, clutter and stale smells. Freshen up your ride. You’ll be glad you did!
Recommended Service: Ozone Odor Neutralizing Service

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