Put Your Best Face Forward: Botox or Filler?


With all the options available these days, it’s quite common to be confused by which noninvasive facial treatment might be your best choice, especially if you’re a first-timer.

Here’s a tip that’s easy to remember: Botox® is used to relax and smooth the muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles.

Fillers are used to restore volume loss to the face, resulting in a more youthful look.


  • Will it hurt?
    The discomfort is negligible. Most people compare the slight sting you feel as being similar to a mosquito bite.
  • Will it look like I’ve had “work done”?
    It will be your little secret. The reason why these treatments are so popular is because they’re quick and easy and look very natural. You can return to your normal activities immediately after a treatment.
  • Can I get both?
    Absolutely. The treatments complement each other and a combination of both can provide you with the best results. Our Master Cosmetic Injectors will gladly discuss the best options for your desired results and outcome.
  • Am I too young or too old for this?
    It all depends on your goals. Some people begin Botox® in their 20s as a preventative measure. Others wait until they begin noticing furrows between the brows, lines around the lips, or volume loss in the face.
  • How long will the results last?
    Botox® typically lasts three to four months, but this can be more or less depending on the individual. Fillers can last up to 18 months, depending on the type of filler used and what area is being treated.



Monika Mayfield, RN
Award-winning injector and trainer, Monika brings over 20 years of experience to PRO Medical Spa. Having been at the forefront of the cosmetic dermatology industry since 1998, Monika has trained numerous doctors and nurses in the most exclusive medical practices nationwide. Voted “Most Loved Injector” on Real Self, Monika is loved by her clients for her ability to enhance their beauty and youthfulness through her artful approach.

Tina Biggs, RN
Prior to joining PRO Medical Spa, Tina was immersed in the world of surgery. She has a background injecting for well-known plastic surgeons on the Eastside and has been trained by some of the best in the industry from Scottsdale to New York to Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Tina takes time in consultation to prioritize what will best achieve a natural and aesthetically balanced version of yourself. Her goal is for you to feel refreshed, beautiful and confident.

-Shape & Lift Brow/Soften Forehead Lines
-Improve Frown Lines
-Diminish Crow’s Feet
-Can also be used for excessive sweating & migraines
-Provides Additional Facial Slimming
-Quick Facts
-Prevents the Formation of
-Lines & Wrinkles
-Treatment only takes
-10-15 minutes

-Improve Dark Circles
-Enhance Volume in Cheeks
-Correct Shape of Nose
-Reduce Smile Lines
-Minimize Nasolabial Folds
-Restore Volume & Shape to Lips
-Improve Facial Contours
-Reshape Jowl Line
-Quick Facts
-Used to Shape & Lift Face
-Improvement can be seen with as little as 1-2 syringes

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