PRObarre: It’s Good For Your Body


Chances are you’ve heard about barre, the fitness phenomenon developed by dancer, Lotte Berk.

It seems everyone from professional football players to celebrities to your next-door neighbor is taking barre classes.

You too can benefit from adding PRObarre to your fitness routine. Here’s why.

Low Impact
PRObarre classes typically involve small movements with either body weight or light hand weights, making this a perfect recovery workout for runners, tennis players, and other athletes. Due to the small movements and low impact, PRObarre is also quite safe for pregnant women and those with bad knees or sore backs. Of course, always check with your doctor before making changes to your fitness routine.

The small movements and isometric holds in PRObarre are intended to work muscles to fatigue, increasing muscular endurance. While strength determines how much weight you can lift, endurance dictates how many times you can lift it. Muscular endurance can result in improved athletic performance.

Between strength segments of the class, you can expect focused, active stretching to improve your range of motion. Rather than prioritizing strength or flexibility, PRObarre aims to strengthen the muscles and stretch them at the same time.

PRObarre classes usually last an hour, but time flies by with the upbeat music, fun movements, and high energy. You can
expect to leave with a smile on your face.

 Core Strength
From the moment you enter a PRObarre class, the focus is on the core and maintaining your form as you work the arms, shoulders, glutes and legs. Toward the end of class, the core takes center stage as you go beyond crunches to work your deepest abdominals. Your improved core strength will result in better posture and ease of movement.

Whether you’re a CrossFit athlete looking to complement the high intensity of your WOD or a complete newcomer to the world of fitness, PRObarre can be modified for you. Everyone can benefit from this full body, low impact workout, guaranteed to leave you feeling strong, flexible, and energized.

By Juanita Franke, PRObarre instructor

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