5 Ways to Rock Your Workout


Stay motivated and rock your active lifestyle with the most up-to-date products. Now available at the Pro Shop.

Shashi socks
These Barre and Pilates socks are stylish, functional and fun! Easy to spot with their fun designs and sparkles, from studio to street, Shashi socks are a growing trend.

OOFOS flip flops and shoes
This comfortable footwear absorbs 37 percent more shock than traditional footwear, reducing stress on feet, back, and knees. Highly recommended by podiatrists everywhere, including our very own Dr. J. Mari Adad.

Vooray gym bag
These minimalist gym bags with unique prints (and great prices) are unmatched in quality. Besides going to-and-from the club, these double as great weekender bags.

Polar A370
Keeps you on track to ensure that you’re meeting your daily goals. Features include heart rate wrist sensor, sleep tracking, step tracking, training targets and more.

Nathan power wash
Restore your well-used workout gear to its original performance with the sports detergent that blasts the stink out.

20/20 LifeStyles Vegan Protein Powder
Based in a pea and rice protein blend with 17g of protein per serving, 20/20 LifeStyles Vegan Protein Powder is sweetened with stevia and fortified with enzymes and fiber to help promote satiety and aid digestion. Available for purchase at the Pro Shop in both chocolate and vanilla flavors. Also available as a substitute in your favorite shake when ordering in the Bistro or Café.

Our favorite Bistro shake: the Vegan Funky Monkey!

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