Lashes. Which is the Best for You?

Eyelashes are one of the most striking and defining beauty features.  There are many ways you can enhance your natural lashes to help you feel more youthful and refreshed.

Below are a few of our favorite tactics.


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Do not be afraid of trying eyelash extensions from a certified provider at a respectable establishment.  There are brands like Xtreme Lashes (used at The Spa at PRO Sports Club) created by a nurse to be safely applied to natural lashes.  There are many looks that can be achieved, whether you just want to forgo mascara and have them kept the same length or get a dramatic look by adding volume and/or length.  Once applied, you will be able to skip mascara and retain the appearance through touch-up applications.  A consultation can be done to answer your questions and determine which look is best for you.


Latisse and Revitalash (carried in The Spa at PRO Sports Club) are two exceptional products for helping your lashes grow.  These products are applied like a liquid eyeliner at night time and provide active ingredients that promote lengthening and strengthening of the lashes. 

Revitalash is a non-prescription formula and is a great option for those concerned with irritation around the eyelid. 

 Latisse is a prescription product, so a brief consultation is necessary before your first purchase.  Latisse not only provides lengthening of the lash, but most users will also experience darkening of the lashes and a larger quantity of lashes. 

Both products provide results starting in 4 weeks and peeking by 16 weeks.  To maintain the results, nightly application is needed. 



If your lashes are not naturally deep black, tinting is an option for darkening the color to a dark brown or rich black depending on your preference.  A vegetable extract dye will provide a pleasing color for about a month. 



A great way to extend your natural lash and create a thickening effect while also conditioning the hair to protect it from the drying effects of mascara, is to apply Purelash Extender and Conditioner before you apply your mascara.  If you want a nice flip or curl to the lash, first use an eyelash curler, then apply a single coat of Purelash to the upper and lower lashes, this will go on as a white film that will be covered when you follow it with mascara, like Xtreme Lashes.  You’ll be amazed with the transformation!  This product can also be applied at bedtime for additional conditioning.

By: Melissa Foster, Master Esthetician, NCEA Certified at PRO Sports Club


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