3 Ways to Make Vacations (or Staycations) More Fun


While it may seem a little more challenging to stay focused on exercise when you’re on the road, here’s how you can use your trip as an opportunity to shake up your training routine.


  1. Make a plan.

    It’s much easier to stay on track if you plan ahead. Pack your workout clothes, a good pair of walking shoes, and some healthy snacks. Plan out some dining options by browsing restaurants and menus online. Sightseeing? Rather than packing on the extra pounds during your vacation, plan to walk them off. Most cities offer tours that include walking, and sometimes food, for a fun way to get a taste of the local fare. Or create your own tour with a set of sneakers and a map. An hour of brisk walking with a step incline burns about 600 calories.

  2.  Keep it simple.

    Don’t have access to a workout facility? Bring a resistance band with you. Body-weight exercises like push ups and crunches don’t require any equipment. Meet with a personal trainer to design a simple yet effective travel routine that can take you anywhere.

  3.  Take time out.

    Whether traveling on business or vacation, this is your chance to get away from your daily routine. Get enough rest and schedule time to relax so that when you get back, you’ll be refreshed and revitalized.


Plan to stay at home? Here’s how to make it more enjoyable.

  1. Explore the outdoors.

    Take a ride around the lake, discover a new running trail, or set a goal to climb a mountain.

  2. Try new things.

    Be a tourist and explore an area of Seattle that you’ve never been to. Or change the pace of your exercise routine by trying a new class or activity.

  3.  Make a weekly play date.

    Reconnect with your family and plan a weekly activity, giving each family member a turn to decide on the activity. Try a new spot, visit a beach, go on a picnic, or have fun as a family on Saturday Family Fun Night or Super Fun Sundays.


Originally from PRO Pulse May-June 2011
By Alcides Morais and Matt Jones

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